Some of my writing:

Humans Are Bad at Predicting Futures That Don’t Benefit Them | One reason people are so bad at predicting the future. | The Atlantic, November 2017

How Health Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy | If you think you're unhealthy, you're more likely to become it. | Vice Health, August 2017

Why You Feel Richer or Poorer Than You Really Are | The science of subjective wealth. | New York Magazine Science of Us, August 2017

The Science of How Poverty Harms the Brain | The stress of poverty can change the brain in ways that further disadvantage the poor. | Vice Health, July 2017

Why Does America Have Fewer Types of IUDs Than Other Countries? | The land of choice has limited options when it comes to contraception. | The Atlantic, April 2017

Is Common Sense Genetic? | Science tries to explain why some people make such stupid choices. | Vice Health, March 2017

How to Get Someone to Let Their Guard Down | There's a fine line between intimacy and manipulation. | Vice Health, March 2017

What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God | I wasn't the only kid who stopped believing. | Vice Health, March 2017

Why Millennials Are Lonely | Loneliness is contagious. | Forbes, March 2017

What Recent Grads Get Wrong About Career Evolution | Our careers are not just long but random, circuitous and faulty. | gen[FKD], February 2017

How Multitasking Is Changing Our Brains | Are we devolving? | Forbes, January 2017

Why Boredom Creates Burnout | Boredom is the infuriating, essential tick that reminds us not to waste our lives with too much or too little of the same. | gen [FKD], October 2016

Why Millennials Need Quarter-Life Crises |  A simple question falls from the sky: 'Is this it?' | Forbes, August 2016

Why Millennials Are So Stressed—And What to Do About It | How infinite opportunity is sabotaging our wellbeing | Psychology Today, September 2015



Wet Meat | A woman enters a casual relationship with a butcher. | Necessary Fiction, featured on Longform